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Community Rehabilitation and Support Services
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 • Community Support Program
 • Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)
 • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
 • Supported Residential Housing (Tenth Street Family Care)
 • Clubhouse (Hardwig House)
 • Pre-Petition Screenings

Community Support Program
Provides individualized supports to enable adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses to live in the community. It includes such services as transportation, assistance with daily living skills, medication monitoring and crisis assistance. It is staffed by paraprofessional workers under the supervision of a program director.

Contact Director - 218-283-5021

Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS)

ARMHS is a state-certified program designed to enable adults with serious (and persistent) mental illnesses to develop and maintain psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment and independent living and community skills, when these abilities are substantially impaired by the symptoms of mental illness. These services are provided both to individuals, generally in their natural environments, and groups of individuals at convenient locations. It is provided by Mental Health Practitioners.

Contact Director - 218-283-5021

Supported Residential Housing (Tenth Street Family Care)
An intensive, mental health residential program for four adults who, because of the severity and multitude of their mental health problems, are unable to live in the community without 24/7 supervision and, rehabilitation or assistance. Some clients need this service indefinitely; others may gain enough mental health stability and community living skills to graduate to independent living. It is staffed by trained paraprofessional workers under the supervision of a mental health practitioner.

Contact - April Krause, BS, MHP, LPN - 218-285-6100

Hardwig House
Hardwig House is a Clubhouse for adults with serious (and persistent) mental illnesses offering a setting in which clients become "members" and equal partners with staff in the rehabilitation process, thereby increasing client ownership, esteem and investment in their recovery. It is based on strengths and wellness rather than weaknesses and illness, on self-help and recovery rather than "treatment". It is open weekday afternoons. A mental health practitioner provides guidance and coordination.

Contact - Angie Mastin, Clubhouse Coordinator - 218-283-5571

Pre-Petition Screenings

Pre-Petition screenings are investigations conducted by a mental health professional or practitioner. These investigations are ordered by Koochiching County Community Services, when people in the community or treatment setting are concerned about the possible dangerousness (to self or others) of a person who appears to be mentally ill, developmentally delayed, and/or chemically dependent. These investigations involve reviewing pertinent medical records, police reports and the like, and interviewing persons who have direct knowledge of facts regarding the person's behaviors. A report is written summarizing this information, findings in support of mental illness, developmental delay and/or chemical dependency and danger to self (including self-neglect) or others, and makes specific recommendations to the court about how best to help this person, while keeping him/her and the community safe, in the least restrictive way. Recommendations can include voluntary or involuntary inpatient or residential placement to a psychiatric or CD facility or community treatment.

Contact - Koochiching County Community Services - 218-283-7000

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