Couples Therapy and Counseling

From time to time, even the most loving partners may experience marital or couples conflict that disrupts or threatens the relationship. Northland Counseling Center’s International Falls office provides neutral professionally trained therapists. The therapist will work with the two partners, without taking sides or injecting personal bias, to help the couple begin working together, as a team, to learn and employ problem solving methods to effectively improve current and future dilemmas. Alternatively, in cases in which partners feel hurt, feel that they no longer are in love, or otherwise are thinking of ending the marriage or relationship, the therapist can help explore the extent to which a break-up or divorce really is or is not the best alternative.

Sessions generally are scheduled weekly or every-other-week and last from 25 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on the couple’s needs. If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, a Northland Counseling Center clinician experienced in Couples Therapy is available to offer non-judgmental assistance for you and your partner.

For information or to schedule an appointment for any Counseling Services, contact our Receptionist at: 218-283-3406 Ext. 0