Family Counseling Therapy

Sometimes families find themselves struggling with conflicts between family members, misbehavior of children, or simply wanting help to work together to address problems being experienced with one or more people in the family. Northland Counseling Center’s International Falls office offers Family Therapy sessions in which one or more family members meet jointly with the therapist.

Typical problems addressed include: parent-child conflicts, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, conflicts among siblings (brothers and/or sisters), effects of alcohol or drug abuse on the family, etc. Once a Diagnostic Assessment has been conducted to identify problems and develop a treatment plan, the therapist meets with the family members and serves the role of facilitator. The therapist helps family members develop and begin applying skills which they can use to effectively and respectfully resolve the conflicts or issues with which they have been struggling.

For certain problems and families, In-home Family Therapy services are recommended. In such cases, the therapist conducts some or all of the therapy in the home of the family. This gives the therapist the opportunity to observe the family members in their own environment. For complicated cases, this can provide helpful information that might otherwise be overlooked. Also, the therapist can observe and trouble shoot as family members practice new skills in the setting where they are most needed!

Family Therapy sessions generally are scheduled weekly or every-other-week and last from 25 minutes to 50 minutes, depending on the family’s needs. Our staff have training and experience with a variety of family therapy techniques — if your family participates in Family Therapy at Northland Counseling Center, your therapist will select and employ techniques to meet the specific needs of your family.


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